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Volunteer Assisting Ocean Discovery League in GIS Data Visualization

The Ocean Discovery League is a non-profit organization that aims to remove barriers to exploration of the deep sea through the development of AI-driven data analysis, low-cost deep sea technologies, and capacity building with historically excluded communities. By creating a suite of low-cost, distributed tools, and supporting a community of explorers around the globe, they would make significantly more progress in understanding our planet than ever before.

Ocean Discovery League requested the help of a GISCorps volunteer to map their Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment data to the geographic regions where they were gathered, and bring this data into a web experience in the organization’s ArcGIS Online environment. Ocean Discovery League desired to use a combination of ArcGIS StoryMaps, Dashboards, Experience Builder, Web maps and Apps, and Insights to visualize, tell the story of, and allow visitors to interact with their data. Ocean Discovery League also requested thorough training and documentation of the processes and usage of their ArcGIS Online tools, as well as instruction on how to maintain them. Joanna Maurer, a GISCorps volunteer from Pennsylvania, was selected to assist Ocean Discovery League in building their GIS data environment and visualizing the data that they have gathered, as well as documenting necessary workflows for the continued use of their GIS environment.

Recruitment complete, project in progress.

Volunteer Assisting Pacific Rim Conservation to Improve Workflow and Data Management Processes

Pacific Rim Conservation (PRC) has a mission to maintain and restore native bird diversity, populations, and habitats in Hawaii and across the Pacific region. They have successfully translocated over 200 individual seabirds of 6 species (including ESA listed species) to create breeding populations that are safe from climate change and non-native predators. PRC is now working with a global partnership to document the application of this successful conservation tool to restore seabird species worldwide, the Seabird Restoration Database ( Jessica Hendricks, a GISCorps volunteer from Virginia, is selected to assist PRC in improving their ArcGIS Online web applications, workflows, and data visualizations to best communicate the result of their work, and is building a knowledge transfer plan to further employ GIS tools in their workflow.

Recruitment completed. Project in progress.

Spanish speaking volunteers assisting an international organization

INSARAG is a global network of more than 90 countries and organizations under the United Nations umbrella. INSARAG deals with urban search and rescue (USAR) related issues, aiming to establish minimum international standards for USAR teams and methodology for international coordination in earthquake response based on the INSARAG Guidelines endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 57/150 of 2002, on “Strengthening the Effectiveness and Coordination of International Urban Search and Rescue Assistance”.

INSARAG requested the assistance of advanced Spanish speaking GISCorps volunteers to perform the following tasks:

  • Prepare training material for Esri products listed below (PDF files or videos)
  • Translate existing training material to Spanish (PDF files or videos)
  • Deliver training material to INSARAG members twice a year
  • Refresh training material during the year on an as needed basis
  • Be able and willing to brainstorm with the INSARAG team about their current tools and workflows and offer alternative workflows and/or tools when appropriate

The recruitment resulted in selection of a team of volunteers. Ignacio Vázquez Vélez from Spain (taking on the role of project manager), Ivini De Souza Barbosa from Massachusetts and Alejandra Duque Ropero from Italy. The team is now in contact with INSARAG representatives.

Recruitment complete, project in progress.

Volunteer conducting a GIS Needs Assessment for a UK based organization

The Presidium Network is a UK non-profit that provides support to communities in crisis to manage humanitarian issues and represents the needs of people affected by violence or poverty to international-policy makers. Currently, Presidium Network in partnership with SmartSBC is coordinating a humanitarian aid mission that includes distribution of food, medicine, and vaccines in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Presidium Network is using GIS to map out the areas most in need, inform supply needs by province, and support logistical distribution on the ground. They are also interested in mapping out intelligence data, the best routes for their trucks, and monitoring the supply of aid in each region. A GIS Needs Assessment is being assembled and will include a series of recommendations on building human resources and technical capacity for the organization.

Andrew Bley, GISP, a GIS professional from California was selected for this project and is in contact with Presidium Network representatives.

Recruitment complete, project in progress.

Presidium Network

Volunteer Assisting DaanMatch to Map Non-Profits in India

DaanMatch is a unified platform where funders, non-profits, and heroes of social impact can communicate and collaborate on projects they find meaningful to make more impact for every dollar. Impact leaders, social visionaries, and global changemakers are found in every country and village. DaanMatch believes advances in technology can and should benefit everyone. They use data science to maximize impact by facilitating sustainable partnerships for global development. They are building a mobile-first matching platform for social impact to facilitate connections, transparency, and trust between donors and the social sector.

Jarrett Livesey, a GISCorps volunteer from Wisconsin, is selected to assist DaanMatch in mapping their existing data on non-profit organizations, publishing the data onto ArcGIS Online, and developing web applications to allow users to view the data on mobile devices.

Recruitment completed. Project in progress.

Volunteer assisting Mountain Rescue Association with GIS needs

The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of teams dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. They do so by improving the quality, availability, & safety of mountain search & rescue. With over 90 government authorized units, MRA has grown to become the critical mountain search & rescue resource in North America. Since 2014, the MRA has used ArcGIS Online to allow teams to map and enter mission data into a centralized hosted platform. In 2017, the MRA began using Survey123 which greatly improved this process.

MRA requested the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer with three tasks:

  • Respond to technical questions (provide tech support).
  • Look into erroneous data entered into Survey123 or Dashboards; identify root causes; and correct the errors.
  • Provide AGO training to MRA volunteers.

Joe Luchette, GISP, a GIS professional from Pennsylvania was selected for this project and is now in contact with MRA representatives.

Recruitment complete, project in progress.

Mountain Rescue Association logo
Mountain Rescue Association

Volunteer Assisting Our Histories

In 2019, the New Zealand (NZ) Government declared NZ Aotearoa history would be taught in all schools by 2022. Our Histories was formed with local historians, genealogists, a history teacher, and a Māori advisor to develop local resources to meet teachers and students’ needs. The main problem for teachers was having the time to gather history resources on a topic and from different perspectives and also knowing where to find these resources. Also of concern to them was how to manage conflicting accounts and how to even start to engage students in history.

As a pilot project, Our Histories wants to begin the documentation of resources relating to a conflict in Lower Hutt in 1846 which involved three iwi – Ngāti Hāua-te-rangi, Ngati Toa, and Te Āti Awa Iwi Tribes, and the colonial government backed by British troops. The mission is that all students have access to their cultural history, and the history of others.

Silus Murray-Inskeep, a GISCorps volunteer from Washington, D.C. has been selected to assist Our Histories in their mission. They will be conducting a needs assessment focused on collating data from various locations and sources or creating vector data; georeferenced imagery and old maps; build informative and visually appealing Web and Story Maps; and train Our Histories Project staff on maintaining and updating their platform in the long term.

Recruitment complete, mission in progress.

Our Histories’ logo.

Volunteer Assisting Ward Melville Heritage Organization

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) is a not-for-profit corporation located in Stony Brook, Long Island, NY. Its mission is to protect, preserve, and interpret historic and environmentally-sensitive properties, including an 88-acre wetland preserve called West Meadow Creek. From this preserve, WMHO hosts educational programs to educate youth about the wetland habitat and its connection to the greater Long Island Sound ecosystem.

Mackenzie Fox, a GISCorps volunteer from Colorado, is selected to assist WMHO in configuring a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online to store data on species and water quality, streamlining the data entry process through Survey123, and developing a StoryMap to showcase the educational effort.

Recruitment completed, project in progress.

Volunteer Assisting Key Conservation

Key Conservation helps conservationists receive critical funding and increased global support through a mobile app that provides real-time updates on day-to-day campaigns. The app will have a scrolling feed that will update as needs from conservationists occur globally and provides three ways for conservation organizations to get help and three ways for supporters to give it. The first feature allows supporters to give funds. The second feature is Skilled Impact which enables supporters to contribute through their professional skills. Lastly, the In-Person feature allows supporters to be alerted to real-time volunteer opportunities in their area through geo-based push notification. After the contribution has been put to use, the conservation organization will send a photo/video update to the supporter to show the outcome.

Kate Lenzer, a GISCorps volunteer from Maryland, is selected to assist Key Conservation in creating a web application that allows the end users to search for nearby volunteer opportunities.

Recruitment completed, project in progress.

GISCorps Volunteers help with ArcGIS Hub for marine conservation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The SEA People is a not-for-profit community organization based in France that is dedicated to environmental education and the protection and conservation of coral reefs. Their fieldwork occurs in the archipelago of Raja-Ampat, Indonesia, through the local arm of their foundation, Yayasan Orang Laut Papua.

Raja Ampat is known for the richness and diversity of the marine species that it shelters and for the pristine state of the marine ecosystem; with over 75% of hard coral species, and 1600+ species of reef fish, the region is currently recognised as the most marine bio-diverse location on earth.

This project is a continuation of another project between SEA People and GISCorps. After implementing multiple ArcGIS mobile data applications to monitor conditions in Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas (MPA), which cover 2 million hectares of remote archipelago, the SEA People asked for help building an ESRI hub and for help with maintenance of existing applications. Rahmandika Tri Putra from Indonesia, and Tobin McGilligan from the United States, were chosen by GISCorps to help with this second phase of the project. Tobin and Rahmandika will help build, organize, and maintain applications in the new SEA People Hub.

Please visit The SEA People website for more details about their field work in Raja Ampat. For those who wish to support this community-based fieldwork directly, please join Small Change Big Change.

Recruitment complete, project in progress

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