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The activities of GISCorps are possible thanks to volunteer work, in-kind services, grants, donations and contributions (excluding software and hardware) as defined by our our Organizing Principles and Policies. We are immeasurably grateful for all the support we have received.

GISCorps is a program of URISA, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Contributions to GISCorps can be made online or by filling out this form and mailing it with a check payable to URISA/GISCorps to this address:

701 Lee Street, Suite 680
Des Plaines, IL 60016 USA

For any questions concerning contributions or donations please contact GISCorps core committee members at

The following are the options for financial contributions and other types of donations to GISCorps:

Monetary Contributions

To make an online donation, please click here.

To donate by mail using a credit card or a check, please click here.

Mileage Contributions

You can contribute as many airline mileage points as you have. We will combine them with other mileage point donations and make good use of them.

General Operations Contributions

There is no limit for this type of contribution. This type will primarily defray General Operations expenses such as costs associated with the website, publication of PR materials, intern compensation, etc. The Core Committee of GISCorps determines budgetary priorities.

Endowment Contributions

You may be able to endow a project as long as it complies with our mission, vision, and principles.

Annual Sponsorship/Membership

There is no limit for this type of contribution.

Via the URISA membership application form

There is no limit for this type of contribution.

URISA Chapters’ annual contributions

There is no limit for this type of contribution.All contributions and donations are US tax exempt. All donors will receive an appreciation letter acknowledging the receipt of their contribution. This letter can be used for tax purposes.

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