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GISCorps coordinates short term, volunteer based GIS services to underprivileged communities

Our services include finding qualified GIS volunteers for short term projects and establishing partnerships to create volunteer opportunities for the GIS community. Projects vary based on the partner agency’s need and may involve any and all aspects of GIS including analysis, cartography, app development, needs assessments, technical workshops, etc.  Areas of service include humanitarian relief, disaster response, conservation, environmental quality, health and human services, GIS education, and expert crowdsourcing. GISCorps is supported by individual donations, corporations, and other non-profit groups with similar goals.


Volunteer Assisting Growing the Table

Growing the Table is a collaboration of multiple nonprofit partners including the Office of Kat Taylor, the Tomkat Ranch Educational Foundation, the CA Department of Food and Agriculture, and the…

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NASA COVID-19 Digitization Project

COVID-19 Human Activity Monitoring (HAM) with Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Observations is a NASA-funded project to monitor human activity level change around the world due to COVID-19 lockdown and…

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