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Warehouses4Good Mission Summary – Expanding the Food Supply Chain into Rural America

GISCorps volunteer Lauren Weaver assisted Warehouses4Good in their mission to improve the logistics of food distribution in rural counties. Warehouses4Good sought support to determine the locations where warehouse space would have the most positive impact on the philanthropic supply chain.…

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GIS/GPS capacity development and support for Anti-Poaching efforts in the Dzanga Sangha Special Reserve

From June 15th until July 29th 2018, William Ouellette, Senior GIS Engineer at TomTom BV in Gent, Belgium, was deployed to an on site mission in the Central African Republic (CAR). The request for a volunteer came from WWF (World…

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Automatic digitization for tree cover in tropical landscapes – Panama

In landscapes worldwide, agricultural trees provide valuable ecosystem services. These trees store a significant amount of carbon and could mitigate global climate change[1]. Agricultural trees also have tremendous value for biodiversity, providing refuges and stepping-stones for forest-dwelling animals in fragmented…

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