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Applying to become a GISCorps volunteer can only be done on line, via our link: Sign Up To Volunteer. Once you have accepted our Code of Conduct and our General Policies and you have completed the skills form, you should receive an automated confirmation email. We do not vet volunteers upon sign up, anyone with GIS skills can join. You will then start receiving our quarterly newsletter, periodic announcements, and if and when your skills match a recruitment, you will get an email notification about the project.

GISCorps does not guarantee an assignment to everyone that applies to become a GISCorps volunteer. As new projects become available, our role is to supply the best qualified candidates for the task at hand. If your qualifications match the skills needed and you are interested and available for the duration of the project, you may apply as a candidate. We then interview applicants and pass the top candidates to the requesting agency. Some postings are very competitive. Once a volunteer is ultimately paired with the partner agency, GISCorps responsibilities are minimal, and volunteers will be in direct communication with the host agency. For rights, privileges, and privacy issues refer to our General Policies.

A few other ways to get involved are to:

  • Sign up for the GIS Service Pledge by bringing us your own project and qualifying for a free Esri home-use license,
  • Share your experiences with GISCorps at conferences and meetings,
  • Spread the word to your favorite non-profits and let them know how to request qualified volunteers,
  • and of course, donate to help us cover basic expenses.

More volunteer related information – including a Volunteer Deployment Handbook – can be found at:

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