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The following is a categorized list of contributions we have received. These are the only tangible sources we have had to fund GISCorps.

Contributions in 2003
Contributions in 2004
Contributions in 2005
Contributions in 2006
Contributions in 2007
Contributions in 2008
  • Illinois GIS User Group, via multiple silent auctions
  • URISA Washington Chapter, on behalf of Susan Johnson and Thomas Nolan for their contribution to the 2008 Washington GIS Conference.
  • Individual Donations: Emily Ruehl, Jesse Glascock, Kurt Schulz, Sagar Mysorekar, Saskia Leigh Cohick,
  • Support from University of California in Santa Barbara’s Spatial at UCSB:
Contributions in 2009
Contributions in 2010
Contributions in 2011
Contributions in 2012
Contributions in 2013
  • Individual Donations: Cecille Blake, Doug Adams, Jack McKinnon, Javad Ashrafi, Karina Dawson-Philpot, Lonnie Sears, Lynda Wayne, Nancy Obermeyer, Wendy Nelson
  • The Core Committee of GISCorps: Allen Ibaugh, Carol Kraemer, Dave Litke, Dianne Haley, Heather Milton, Mark Salling
  • Cash contribution from attendees at GIS-Pro 2013
  • URISA Washington Chapter, on behalf of Dr. Michael Goodchild for his keynote address at the 2013 Washington GIS Conference
Contributions in 2014
Contributions in 2015
  • GF GIS Workshop Inc.
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Individual Donations: Ashley Hitt, Christina Boggs, Claire Snavely, Doug Adams, Duncan Rowe, Kim McDonough (2), Javad Ashrafi, Mark Salling, Michael Baggett, William Huxhold, and many who donated to Uganda project
Contributions in 2016
Contributions in 2017
  • Individual Donations: Caitlyn Meyer, Claire Snavely, Doug Adams, Douglas Norgord, Javad Ashrafi, Jennifer Cannon, Joseph Kinyon, Kelly & John Suttles, Karen Orsa, Keri Brennan, Kirk Hayer, Lawrence Theller, Mark McClanahan, Mark Salling, Micah Babinski, Pauline Laughlin, Richard Cornell, Steven Berry, and Troy Wirth.
Contributions in 2018
  • Avari GIS Consulting Inc.
  • Data Transfer Solutions LLC. Allen Ibaugh
  • Silent Auction at GIS-Pro: Peter Croswell, Sarah Finne, James McCallon, Beth Rogers, Allen Ibaugh, Dick Katopish, Christina Brunsvold, Catherine Fitzgerald, Thomas Patrick Fisher, Burt Ray Simpson, Kim McDonough, Bryan Ferri, Matthew Gerike, Wing Cheung, Dave Pryor, Wendy Nelson, Robert Kirkman, Marshall Ballard, Alexandra Fredericks, Brian Sovik, Lane Simmons Penn, Alyssa Parker, Bernadette de Leon, Allen Ibaugh, Rachel R Rodriguez, Steve Steinberg, Robert Thomas, Laurie Williams, Karen Adkins, Carol Ostergren, Peter Johnstone, Christopher Halcomb, Justine Blanford, Jane A Schafer-Kramer, Gina Price, Amber Wittner, and Qian Huang
  • Individual Donations: Ashley Hitt, Benjamin Bidell, Benjamin Corrales, Beth Rogers, Carmelle Terborgh, Clare Snavely, David DiBiase, Doug Adams, Hilary Perkins, James McCallon, Javad Ashrafi, Mark Salling, Peter Croswell, Sarah Finne, Tala Ashrafi, Troy Wirth
Repeat Contributors
Andrea Hollen (2), Burt Simpson (2), Bruce Stauffer (2), Charles Hickman (3), Data Transfer Solution (3), Doug Adams (5), Duncan Rowe (2), Ed Crapo (Alachua County Appraiser) (2), Esri (11), Illinois GIS User Group – ILGISA (6), Javad Ashrafi (9), John Pilsworth (3), Joseph Kinyon (2), Judy Colby-George (2), Juna Papajorgji (4), Kim McDonough (4), Lawrence Stipek (3), Lynda Wayne (3), Mark Salling (6), Merrick and Company (4), Mobile Video Services Inc. (3), Troy Wirth (2), URISA BAMMA (5), URISA Florida (3), URISA Rocky Mountain (2), URISA Washington Chapter (8), Wolf Naegeli (3)
Non Monetary Contributions
  • Website Resources Allocation from 2003 to 2006Alachua County, Florida, Board of Commissioners
  • Continuous administrative support from the extraordinary staff at URISA’s Headquarters.
  • Pro bono legal services provided by Kevin Pomfret, Esq, with Cantor Arkma, P.C. of Bank of America.
  • Generous Website Support (design, enhancements) since 2008, Data Transfer Solutions LLC.
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