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Volunteers Assisting COVID-19 Human Activity Level Mapping

GISCorps volunteers contributed to this project by creating polygons of parking lots that are visible from space and indicative of human activity level changes. The project is using the volunteers’ products to track the temporal variation of such human activity over the polygons.
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Volunteer develops crop yield prediction models for The Food Aid Project

Food Aid Project, Inc. 501(c)(3) is a charitable purpose, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support food and economic security by increasing the efficiency of and access to the bulk food procurement and distribution network. They requested a GISCorps volunteer to…

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Automatic digitization for tree cover in tropical landscapes – Panama

In landscapes worldwide, agricultural trees provide valuable ecosystem services. These trees store a significant amount of carbon and could mitigate global climate change[1]. Agricultural trees also have tremendous value for biodiversity, providing refuges and stepping-stones for forest-dwelling animals in fragmented…

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