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The request for volunteers came from The Good Seed Community Development Corporation (Good Seed CDC) and SPA 6 Homeless Coalition. The purpose of the collaboration with GISCorps was to create a web app where community stakeholders can inform a homeless outreach team of a homeless individual, family, veteran or youth in need of support and engagement.


In the County of Los Angeles there are over 56,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night. Good Seed CDC and the Chair of the SPA 6 Homeless Coalition realized many concerned residents desire to assist in outreaching their neighbors experiencing homelessness, however often do not know how.  As a result, they reached out to GISCorps for assistance in building out a customized GIS web and mobile solution for residents of Los Angeles County to request outreach teams for individuals, youth, and families experiencing homelessness.

Engagement Application

GISCorps assigned two very knowledgeable and talented volunteers,  Amin Alhassan and Carmen Izqueirdo, to assist with the project. The project lasted one year, and resulted in the creation of beta site to collect user data. Good Seed CDC and the Chair of the SPA 6 Homeless Coalition are continuing to collect usage and user experience data to determine potential areas of improvements. German Whitley of GISCorps’ Core Committee assisted with this project.

Homeless Engagement Request Service Application Interface

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