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Good Seed App Development / 2017

Amin Alhassan

It was a great honor done me when I was given the opportunity to help Good Seed Community Development Corporation. My task was to customize, configure and host a crowdsource application on Amazon AWS. The application mission was to coordinate Los Angeles’ Service Planning Area (SPA) 6 response to end/reduce homelessness for families, youth, veterans, and individuals. In carrying out the task, I learned new skills, broaden my knowledge and most of all improved my problems solving skills. There were numerous challenges; from AWS authentication errors to limitations in the Esri’s Citizen Problem Reporter application template as well as remote server issues. Nonetheless, the project ultimately triumphed due to perseverance and excellent collaboration among stakeholders, especially GISCorps. It’s a great joy to see the results of such great effort and the personal skills growth that came with the project execution. It certainly won’t be the last, I will do more if given another opportunity.

 We all need each other’s support one way or other, volunteering brings out the good in us for those who need us most!
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