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Seeds of Hope, the food justice ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, is working with GISCorps to establish a spatial asset management dataset and build associated web applications.  Seeds of Hope was established to repurpose church property and facilities for the production and distribution of food in underserved communities across the six-county diocese. The program currently grows food at nearly 90 locations for distribution through more than 100 food pantries and meal programs in addition to providing nutrition and fitness education. The goal is to form all 210 institutions of the diocese into a fully vertically integrated food production and distribution system, producing food wherever it can be grown for distribution where and when it is needed.

GISCorps volunteer Mary Andrews provided technical assistance to Seeds of Hope in building datasets and a story map describing the issues surrounding healthy food in Los Angeles County. The story map identified Seeds of Hope locations throughout the county.  The map also discussed the issues of obesity and poverty, crime and the availability of parks, and other food access issues. Each section of the story map contained relevant geographic data for each issue derived from the US Census, CDC, and other local sources.

Seeds of Hope Story Map
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