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Building on a series of successful collaborations in 2018, following Hurricanes Florence, Michael, and Barry, NAPSG Foundation, CEDR Digital Corps, and GISCorps continued to provide on-the-ground situational awareness to emergency managers and first responders in 2019 with the 2019 Hurricanes Crowdsourced Photos Story Map.

In addition to updating applications and reworking workflow documentation, GISCorps project manager German Whitley assembled a team of seasoned hurricane project contributors to serve as the Admin Team throughout the season. The GISCorps 2019 Hurricane Season Admin Team included Erin Arkison from Texas, Christina Brunsvold from California, John Haddad from Colorado, Eadie Kaltenbacher from Oregon, Melvin Nforba from Maryland, Holly Torpey from California, and Dacey Zelman-Fahm from New Zealand.

Working alongside Paul Doherty of NAPSG and Rob Neppell of CEDR Digital Corps, these experienced and dedicated volunteers validated photo submissions for accuracy and formatting and assign FEMA Community Lifeline categories. They also mine social media for imagery that can be geolocated, help keep our applications up and running, and our documentation current. 

The number of responses in 2019 were limited, but incredibly significant. More on those incidents can be see in posts for Hurricane Barry  and Hurricane Dorian.

2019 Season Complete

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