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My primary goal a year ago was to create a GIS server that can help the Tanzania Development Trust’s local representatives and community mappers in their job in Tanzania. This GIS data server would be a kind of collection point for all GIS data available from Tanzania, whether vector or raster.

However, over the past year, priorities have changed. The fight against female genital mutilation (FGM) has gained more media coverage. Last autumn, Rhobi Samwelly, the Tanzania Development Trust’s local representative, told her story as an FGM survivor and activist at a high level panel as part of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The movie “In The Name Of Your Daughter“, which was released shortly thereafter, further increased the media voice of the fight against FGM.

As a result, the following developments have become the priority:

1. Crowd2Map Tanzania – Website development: Increased attention calls for a more informative website.

Website – main page

As a result, not only traditional articles and blog posts are available on the new site, but different online maps, charts, and tables show the Crowd2Map Tanzania’s achievements so far. Some of the statistics were compiled using ArcGIS software and the OSM database. Other data visualization methods, such as two dashboards, have been implemented with ArcGIS online.

Our impact in numbers

Tanzania Development Trust – HOTOSM tasks

Tanzania Development Trust – MapSwipe tasks

2. An open-source Real-time dashboard/platform for spatial data sharing

  • Sharing humanitarian data for and within humanitarian organizations in Tanzania – A well-built platform can facilitate humanitarian organisation’s work. Organisations need an effective, comprehensive and system wide spatial data-sharing platform that contains, shares and visualises existing datasets, cumulative data for reporting purposes and/or visualisation. The result is the leaflet-based Tanzania dashboard, where most of the data is modified–filtered, merged, etc.–with Esri applications, and the data is stored in ArcGIS online.
Tanzania Dashboard

  • Sharing necessary information about what we have done – to show our impact on OpenStreetMap.
  • Monitoring volunteer’s contributions – This “feature” can help to communicate the success or failure of previous campaigns. The result can help us build a better campaign in the future; we can check the drop-out rate among new volunteers and reduce it with (in)direct messages.
Volunteer contributions

  • Creating specific maps, including…
    • Kigoma waterpoints dashboard, which can help to locate clinics, schools, and/or hospitals and the water intake points in their vicinity at different distances. The goal was to determine the number of water sources around a health center or hospital, whether the water source is working or not, and whether there is enough water.
    • HOTOSM Project Manager App: This app can assist the HOTOSM PM’s work. Shows the position and status of the HOTOSM tasks; indicates the location of the MapSwipe projects so far; helps you select the location of new tasks, and the draw function helps to delineate the area and save it to a geojson file.
Kigoma waterpoints dashboard

HOTOSM Project Manager app
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