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Ajinkya Jadhav, Alexis Handelman, Amanda Nunley, David Axelson, Elizabeth Robinson, Ellen Nodwell, Gergely Puskas, Holly Torpey, Jessica Beres, Karen Chadwick, Maria Barabas, Michael Ruppel, Richard Kotapish, Richard Cornell, Sofia Stouki, Tarig Ahmed and Wendi French

Validation dashboard used during the CDC mapathon
Validation dashboard used during the CDC mapathon


On August 24-28, 2018, seventeen volunteers participated in validating digitized structures in certain inaccessible polio outbreak areas.  Planning for upcoming vaccination campaigns is difficult in these areas due to a lack of current spatial data and the inability to physically visit some parts due to insecurity. The identification of the location and distribution of structures where people may be living is key to ensuring that vaccination teams make plans to visit all areas of possible inhabitation. GISCorps volunteers were called upon to validate the results of a large-scale mapathon, during which volunteers from across the globe digitized structures in satellite imagery. GISCorps volunteers were well-suited to validate this work because of their experience in past mapathons and further expertise in observing imagery, remote sensing, and global development work. GISCorps validators used an online application to review the work of volunteers who were concurrently digitizing in a separate application. Over the 4-day period, GISCorps volunteers validated over 2,000 square kilometers of imagery.

Thank you to all of the GISCorps volunteers who participated – especially Richard Cornell, the top validator!

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