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Report by Leslie Zolman

I have been a GISCorps volunteer since 2009 and have used my own software to support GISCorps missions over the years.  When Esri offered the GIS Service Pledge to GISCorps volunteers I was very excited since for the first time I would not have to pay for the software I used in volunteer work.

I am a member of the GISCorps Core Committee and have worked to support multiple projects over the past year.  My main focus has been on Polio-focused mapathons.  During the World Health Organization mapathon in August 2018 and the CDC mapathon in September, 2018 I was able to use my GSP software to prepare, manage, report and then use the structure data collected.  To find out more about these projects use the links below.

HOA mapathon stats
Horn of Africa Mapathon Statistics – Full report can be found at


Validation dashboard used during the CDC mapathon
Validation dashboard used during the CDC mapathon – Full report can be found at

Thank you Esri for your generous support both in providing free software for GISCorps volunteers to use and supporting many of our partnership agencies.

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