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Sustainable Innovations (SI), a US based nonprofit organization requested GIS assistance in late 2016. SI harvests rooftop rainwater to provide safe drinking water to rural communities in India. Currently, SI collects 15 million liters of rainwater annually and provides safe drinking water to 10,000 people. They are expanding their program, called Aakash Ganga or River from the Sky, to bring water to 250,000 people. The recruitment for the pilot project resulted in selecting Brynn Lacabanne and Sonal Raisinghani. They have been working on a pilot project that consists of two villages. Four students from Miami University in Ohio also contributed a great deal to the project as part of their GIS coursework. Kate Moran and Jenna Tiller stayed on with the project after the school year. The work is ongoing; however, SI has already published a blog about their efforts.

Recruitment complete, long term project in progress

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