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The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. MRA maintains a Mission Data Portal where Search and Rescue teams across the United States and Canada have entered data about their missions since 2014.

The resulting database serves an important repository of historical information and statistics about MRA member teams’ search and rescue activities. Perhaps more importantly, it also has the potential to improve mountain safety experts’ understanding of lost person behavior, mountain hazards, and the effectiveness of search and rescue tactics and strategies in mountain and wilderness environments. That crucial understanding can then inform development of MRA’s training and education programs aimed at improving mountain safety for both search and rescue teams and the general public.

To that end, MRA requested one GISCorps volunteer to perform spatial and statistical analysis of the data collected by the MRA Mission Data Portal. Jim Kyle, a GISCorps volunteer from British Columbia with a background in both GIS and mountain search and rescue, was selected for the role. Jim is in contact with MRA and work will begin soon.

Recruitment complete, project in process.

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