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The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. MRA maintains a Mission Data Portal where Search and Rescue teams across the United States and Canada enter data about their missions using an Esri Survey123 form in a web browser or on a smartphone.

Survey123 was incorporated into the Mission Data Portal in 2017, streamlining the process significantly. Prior to that upgrade, MRA member teams had entered their search and rescue mission data into legacy systems starting in 2014. As a result, historical mission datasets are separate from the most current data, complicating MRA’s ability to perform multi-year analyses.

MRA requested one GISCorps volunteer to integrate the historical data into the current data structure, resulting in a single authoritative dataset and a well-documented process. Alice Pence, a GISCorps volunteer from Oregon with extensive experience managing spatial and relational databases, was selected for this mission. She is in contact with MRA and work is underway.

Recruitment complete, project in process.

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