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The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. MRA maintains a Mission Data Portal where member Search and Rescue teams across the United States and Canada enter data about their missions using an Esri Survey123 form in a web browser or on a smartphone. Regional Chairs ensure that all teams within their region enter their mission data in a complete and timely manner.

MRA requested a GISCorps volunteer to build an Esri Operations Dashboard that will make it easier for Regional Chairs to monitor the data entry progress of the teams within their regions. GISCorps sent out a recruitment for volunteers with ArcGIS Online and Operations Dashboard skills, and 17 enthusiastic and talented volunteers responded.

The recruitment resulted in the selection of Erin Arkison, a GISCorps volunteer from Texas who has extensive experience in both search and rescue and ArcGIS Online. Erin is now in contact with MRA representatives and will soon begin designing and implementing an administrative dashboard for MRA’s regional chairs.

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