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The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. MRA maintains a Mission Data Portal where Search and Rescue teams across the United States and Canada enter data about their missions using an Esri Survey123 form in a web browser or on a smartphone. Some teams enter the data after each mission, while others enter it all at once at the end of each year.

MRA requested one GISCorps volunteer to provide ongoing user support for a period of one year, responding to questions from search and rescue team members regarding login difficulties, data entry instructions, and other technical and workflow issues. The volunteer will also contribute to system documentation, bug reporting, and training.

Eight talented GISCorps volunteers responded to the recruitment, and Shannon Cox of British Columbia, Canada, was selected to fill the role. Shannon was put in contact with MRA representatives and quickly began supporting MRA’s member teams.

In July, due to unforeseen circumstances, Shannon had to step down from the position and volunteer Jessica Beres of Ohio stepped up to take her place. Jessica concluded supporting the MRA teams in 2020.

Project Complete

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