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The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. MRA maintains a Mission Data Portal where Search and Rescue teams across the United States and Canada enter data about their missions using an Esri Survey123 form in a web browser or on a smartphone.

While many teams enter data directly into the Mission Data Portal, some regions have an intermediate step. For example, MRA teams in California enter their data into an application maintained by the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) that uses a data model identical to the MRA’s. Several other MRA teams use their own mission data collection systems and periodically export their data to the MRA schema. Each year, all these external datasets must be imported into the MRA Mission Data Platform.

MRA requested one GISCorps volunteer to collect, import, and synchronize these datasets into the 2019 MRA data, and to carefully document that process. MRA also asked that the volunteer propose solutions for automating this annual task. Caroline Rose, a GISCorps volunteer who had helped to develop MRA’s Mission Data Portal, was the natural choice for this mission. She is in contact with MRA and work is underway.

Recruitment complete, project in process.

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