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DPRK Project with iMMAP/WFP, 2010

German Whitley
German Whitley

I’ve really enjoyed my time working on the project.  Since I work seasonally, it is nice to have some GIS work in the off-season to keep me on my toes and make contacts I might not make otherwise.  And every project I work on, volunteer or otherwise, leads me to new discoveries within ArcMap that make my job easier and more efficient.  It would be nice to have a video conference at some point during the project just to meet some of the other team members “face-to-face”.

I fell into GIS while working for the US Forest Service as a Hydrologist almost 15 years ago when most tasks were done via command line.  I had an aptitude for it that has helped form my career ever since.  GIS even led me to meeting my husband at a conference (double nerd alert!).  Now that he is retired from the Forest Service, and I work part-time, we have more time to volunteer and travel.

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