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DPRK Project with iMMAP and WFP, 2013

Beryl Nyamgeroh
Beryl Nyamgeroh

My first opportunity to take part in the GISCorps mission was very humbling for me especially the importance it has towards assisting the North Korean people and through iMMAP and WFP in their humanitarian endeavor. It is a rewarding experience to be able to make a difference in others’ lives with the smallest of contributions. Volunteering using my skills in GIS to create a base map is a great honor and I am looking forward to more opportunities.

GIS and Remote Sensing are my passion and as someone said, GIS is the last thing you think of but the first thing you need; gathering people from different geographical locations, backgrounds and with various experiences to volunteer to achieve one goal for bettering the lives of others? Only with GIS is that possible. Very proud!

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