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Report by Joseph Mueller

The project I had originally planned to do with the Butterfield Lakeshore Association was postponed due to data and financial constraints. We are going to try again in the spring and summer of 2019. When that work fell through, I decided to carry out my GIS Service Pledge commitment by helping another local organization. 

This second organization is a small environmental management organization called SoJiBoJa Conservation Club. SoJiBoJa owns, preserves and manages land that is adjacent to the Chippewa National Forest in northern Minnesota in the United States. They had been making do with primitive maps created from screen shots of Google Earth for their prior mapping needs. Since I had the skills and the Esri license, I volunteered to make them a set of maps that would them help better manage the land.

The organization was also looking at enrolling some of the land in State and Federal conservation programs and needed some land use information to see if the property would qualify. I was able to quickly estimate the areas of land use classes. The results were as follows:

  1. Swamp: Approximately 24.2 acres
  2. Farmable Land: Approximately 13.4 acres
  3. Forest Land: Approximately 150.9 acres
SoJiBoJa’s Deer Farm Southwest property bounds
Structures within SoJiBoJa’s Deer Farm property
Land use estimation polygons in SoJiBoJa’s Deer Farm

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