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Global MapAid (GMA) is a US & UK based non-profit organization with a passion and vision to create maps that encourage solutions to human development problems. One current project involves the creation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in partnership with a pair universities in Ethiopia and the United States, to help determine where to put shallow boreholes for irrigation in Ethiopia. With the knowledge of where to place irrigation wells, it is possible to improve food production by up to three times, versus a rainfall-only scenario. Currently, there is a lack of experienced hydrogeologists across the developing world to perform siting of these wells; hence the need for the AI system. The AI will be a powerful tool for helping people site boreholes and increase the availability of irrigation.

Currently, in Ethiopia, the UN has estimated as much as 40% of the 110 million population are under-nourished, while the country spends $400 million per year on emergency feeding schemes for 8 million of the worst affected people.  GMA is working on the project with George Mason University and Arba Minch University (Ethiopia).

GMA requested the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer to serve as a GIS mentor to a PhD student within a team of multidisciplinary skilled volunteers, who are also supporting the student and development of the AI. Jay Parrish, a GISCorps volunteer from Pennsylvania, was chosen to help with the project.


Recruitment complete, project in progress


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