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The World Health Organization (WHO) has embarked on a new pilot project that integrates crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence (AI) to support polio outbreak response activities in Papua New Guinea. For this two-phase project, WHO requested the assistance of GISCorps volunteers. Five volunteers were selected and connected to WHO representatives; they are Linder Ringo (California, USA), Bhanu Vedula (Alberta, Canada), Melissa Daniels (Colorado, USA), Amy Murphy (Maryland, USA), and Lance Owen (Georgia, USA).

During the first phase volunteers will validate existing building points in two provinces. Once the validation is complete, the representative sample set will be fed into the AI engine. Once the pre-AI task is completed and the AI engine has extracted the points for the area of interest, the same group of volunteers will be asked to quality check the output from the AI results.

Recruitment complete, project in progress.

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