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Mission Statement:

“Operating under the auspices of URISA, GISCorps coordinates short term, volunteer based GIS services to underprivileged communities”

Vision & Goals

GISCorps volunteers’ services will help to improve the quality of life by:

  • Supporting humanitarian relief.
  • Enhancing environmental analysis.
  • Encouraging/fostering economic development.
  • Supporting community planning and development.
  • Strengthening local capacity by adopting and using information technology.
  • Supporting health and education related activities.

GISCorps implements URISA’s vision of advancing the effective use of spatial information technologies.

GISCorps makes available highly specialized GIS expertise to improve the well being of developing and transitional communities without exploitation or regard for profit.

GISCorps coordinates the open exchange of volunteer GIS expertise cooperatively among and along with other agencies.

GISCorps strengthens the host community’s spatial data infrastructure through implementation of the best and most widely accepted GIS practices.

GISCorps fosters development of professional organizations in host communities to help sustain and grow local spatial expertise.

GISCorps will benefit:

  • Communities in need
  • GISCorps volunteers
  • GISCorps’ partner organizations
  • Volunteers’ own communities
  • Spatial Information Technologies
  • Global professional networking
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