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The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) ( is a non-profit, public benefit organization which pioneered a new approach to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and applied it to the scrap tire problem. South Africa generates about 12 million scrap tires annually, with very little recycling or recovery happening, thereby creating a massive environmental problem. REDISA established a national program in 2013 for managing the scrap tires, involving a reverse logistics network to collect scrap tires from dealers, aggregate them, and supply them to recyclers and kilns. By early-2017, REDISA was servicing >95% of scrap tire collection requests. For various reasons, the program was stopped in mid-2017.  Now official sites for scrap tires are overflowing, and there is good reason to believe that illegal dumping is happening on a large scale.

In anticipation of resuming their recycling program, REDISA has requested volunteer help from GISCorps to detect locations of illegal scrap tire dumps using remote sensing. GISCorps chose Beni Patel, from Texas, and Indu Hulisandra, from California.  The project will consist of two phases.  In the first phase, Beni and Indu will conduct a needs assessment to determine if the project is technically feasible given the available imagery.  Assuming the results of the first phase are positive, the second phase will consist of analyzing the available imagery to determine the locations of any illegal scrap tire dumps and providing those locations to REDISA for ground verification.

Recruitment complete, project in progress



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