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Mission with South Luangwa Conservation Society – Zambia

In March 2009, GISCorps received a request from South Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS), an NGO in Mfuwe, Zambia.

The SLCS is a non-profit community based organization committed to the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the National Park and surrounding Game Management Areas. The following are some of the projects they carry out:

  • Anti poaching patrols and snare removal programs within the park and game management areas
  • Upliftment of local communities by alternative income generating projects such as chilli farming
  • Education of local children to appreciate their heritage and work towards sustainable wildlife utilization and a balanced coexistence
  • Sponsoring and coordinating village scout training programs
  • Assisting the Community Resources Board with natural resources protection through the forest guards
  • Promoting the South Luangwa Anti-Snaring Campaign in local villages and schools
  • Management and sponsoring of Uyoba Community School
  • Habitat and wildlife data collection through monitoring by village scouts

SLCS needed the assistance of a GIS Specialist to analyze their historic data and conduct trend analysis on three years worth of previously collected data (via their scouts, using GPS units) and they needed the assistance on an ongoing basis.

The recruitment resulted in deploying Lisa Matthies, a GIS and Geography Instructor at Erie Community College in Williamsville, NY. She has been supporting SLCS in both capacities; the analysis of their historic data as well as providing ongoing GIS support since April 2009. The following maps are examples of maps created for SLCS for all the activities recorded in the month of April ,  March to August 2009January to November 2009 , and January to August 2010 in the region. Activities included locations of: poached elephants, impalas and zebras, snares, gunshots, and more. This information is integral to demonstrating the locations of various events as well as the relationship between them. SLCS is now including these maps in their formal reports and newsletters.

This project and the services of these volunteers are ongoing and additional updates will be posted as they occur.

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