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GISCorps volunteer assisting a non-profit organization in Bellevue, Washington

Hopelink is a Western Washington based non-profit organization that offers an array of programs that enable families in crisis to make progress toward and achieve self-sufficiency.  One such program is their Mobility Management program, funded by federal and local sources.  The Mobility Management team empowers people by facilitating access through travel education and resources in King County.  Hopelink requested the assistance of a GIS volunteer to update their shuttle routes and accessibility maps.

Dan Christiansen, as GIS professional in the Seattle area, answered the call and provided GIS expertise to fulfill the Mobility Management mission.  Community shuttle routes were updated based on input from shuttle representatives.  Relevant King County Metro bus routes were gathered from public sources and compiled into one dataset.  The primary output of this effort was the “Getting Around King County” printed map.  This folding map was printed and distributed throughout King County for use by senior citizens, the disabled, and those with special needs.

In addition, the community shuttle routes were posted on King County’s data website for use in other maps. Based on feedback from users and mobility leaders, Dan hopes to further evolve the maps in the future by improving the symbology and generating larger scale, community-focused maps as necessary.  Hopelink has also expressed interest in GIS analysis of transportation needs using census and other publicly-available sources.

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