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GISCorps Volunteer Geo-codes Healthcare Locations Around the World

HealthCare Volunteers is a non-profit organization headquartered in California with the main goal of connecting any volunteers with a health-related volunteering opportunity. HCV asked if our volunteers could help them geo-code their existing database and then publish it in an online application such as Google Earth. GISCorps volunteer Tara Athan, from Alternative to Invasive Species Inc. in California, volunteered for this project.

Figure 1: OpenLayers based application

In addition to creating an OpenLayers interface (screen captures seen on this page), Tara will also develop a webpage that allows a new volunteer to perform the geocoding themselves, through google or mapquest, when they register or update their account.

Figure 2: Zoomed in to Liberia

For more information and to access Tara’s blog, click here.

To read more about HealthCare Volunteers, visit their web site.

We are extremely pleased with Tara’s work and contributions thus far…. We look forward to working with Tara in January after the holidays!

Thank you,

Neil Patel, CEO/Founder

HealthCare Volunteer

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