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Happy Valley Heights Homeowners Association (HOA) is a ~300-home neighborhood in Northwestern Oregon. In September, they requested services from GISCorps to map green spaces containing older second-growth forests and wetlands in their neighborhood. Volunteer Curtis Day assisted in the effort to create a cartographic product for both the website and for use in Avenza for on-site maintenance. His resulting account follows:

“Like most GIS projects, a seemingly simple question was not quite so simple to answer. The Happy Valley Homeowners Association (HOA) requested a simple map and a report of how many acres of Open Space were contained within their boundary.

Well it turns out, no one really had a map of the legal boundary, but there were three data sources for addresses in the HOA: a database from the Clackamas County Tax Assessor, a spreadsheet from the HOA itself, and address labeling within Open Street Map. After about twelve draft maps, the ultimate dataset was finally agreed upon by all parties involved.

It was actually a quite fun project to dust off my editing skills in ArcMap!”

“We have been struggling to develop an accurate map for our large HOA. GISCorps did an incredible amount of work collating information from various sources to create a perfect map for us. This is a unique GIS program that provides professional services to non-profits, who would otherwise have none. “

Dale Guenther, Happy Valley Heights HOA President

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