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GISCorps volunteer assists in launching an ArcGIS Online Portal

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC), a US non-profit organization requested the assistance of a database and geo-portal design specialist to develop a geo-portal using ArcGIS Online for Organization (AGOL). WFCRC plans to use the platform for education, for citizen scientists and researchers alike to view and publish the most recent data on a particular reef, coastal/marine events, and management of disaster relief coordination services. James Osundwa was selected for this project and has been in contact with WFCRF team for the past several months. James is a GIS Officer with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is from Kenya. Following is an update on the project and outcomes of James’ work:

Project Summary

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC) in cooperation with GISCorps is developing a web platform for publishing and sharing information on the ocean’s corals and promoting knowledge management among stakeholders of the coral reef conservation community.

The platform is envisioned as providing education and enabling citizens and researchers to publish up-to-date data and information on the coastal and marine environment; this will support conservation, repopulation, and disaster relief. The platform will provide a dashboard summarizing marine events and threats and as information is updated provide a historical backlog that can be searched for comparative studies.

Figure 1: The Interactive Ocean Map

The system will contain dynamic and interactive Webmaps, based on the following pertinent coastal and marine themes, and subject to the availability of up-to-date data:

  • Coral reef locations
  • Real-time weather and ocean data
  • Wind and ocean currents
  • Island outlines
  • Oil producing areas of the world
  • Ocean floor topography
  • Natural and man-made marine disasters including red tide, seismic/tsunami, floods, hurricanes, oil spills, ship wrecks, sediment transport and land-based threats
  • Satellite imagery from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)
  • Geo-referenced reports and documents related to coral reef research and habitat management

Figure 2: Citizen Reporting web map

Figure 3: Real time Alerts web map

The Interactive Ocean Map, the Citizen Reporting, and Real time Alerts web maps (all screen shots included on this web page) are developed by James Osundwa.

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