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Adventure Scientists is a network of volunteers who help fill data gaps for scientists. Adventure Scientists partners with researchers at the forefront of their fields to help solve the world’s environmental and human health challenges. They specialize in recruiting, training, and managing a network of outdoor adventurers to collect high quality field data.

They requested the assistance of a volunteer with ample expertise in conducting an organization-wide GIS Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment will include the following:

  • Evaluate the organization’s current GIS ecosystem including its software, hardware, databases, applications, and current skill set;
  • Assemble/document the functional needs of the organization (as it relates to GIS);
  • Determine how to best use the current resources to fulfill the functional needs in a series of recommendations.

Cristi Delgado, GISP, a seasoned GIS professional who served as the City of Berkeley’s GIS/Geospatial Coordinator for over 12 years has been selected for this project.

Recruitment complete, project in progress

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