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GISCorps Volunteer Conducts GIS Needs Assessment in Mozambique

By Fernando Sedano, GISCorps Volunteer

In early November, GISCorps volunteer Fernando Sedano of Berkeley, California headed to Mozambique to conduct a GIS Needs Assessment. This project is in partnership with Agriculture Development International and Volunteers in Oversees Cooperative Assistance (ACDI/VOCA). Frenando’s mission will conclude at the end of November. He recently sent us the following photos and notes.

Figure 1: Lands of the member associations ACDI/VOCA

Fernando Sedano, November 14, 2007

Sorry for the lack of news from my side. Everything is going smoothly here at Chimoio. Just 2 hours ago, I finnished the last one of the interviews with local institutions, NGOs and companies. I’ve also done with the field visits. So, in the coming days I’ll be working, together with Pine Pienaar in the final report in the ACDI/VOCA office. I’ll have access to e-mail so please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail in case you want to know anything. I promise I’ll answer quickly. Cheers, Fernando

Figure 2: Lands of the member associations ACDI/VOCA

Fernando Sedano, November 15, 2007

I’m afraid I did not take so many pictures. I send you three more here. The first two (also the one I sent you before), correspond to some of the lands of the member associations ACDI/VOCA is working with. This particular association was quite impressive. They followed a nice crop rotation system and implemented a number of soil conservation practices. They also had a neat irrigation system. After some initial difficulties, they were finally increasing the production. They were also quite succesful marketing their products. Part of the production was sold to a Brittish company, to be send to Europe. The rest was sold in the local markets. In the picture you can see they walk barefoot, but they had cell phones to call their relatives in the main markets and find out the prices for their products.

The last picture is just a snapshot from Chimoio. Cheers, Fernando

Figure 3: Lands of the member associations ACDI/VOCA
Figure 4: Chimoio

Fernando Sedano, November 22, 2007

I arrived at Berkeley yesterday night after 46 hours traveling. One last picture before I collapse: During the 50’s and 60’s the Gorongosa National Park was one of the most spectacular protected areas in Africa. The independence and civil war destroyed the infrastructures and decimated wildlife. Today, the government of Mozambique, with the support of the Carr Foundation is working to restore Gorongosa ecosystems.

As a part of this efforts, the Park is going to implement a GIS. We had a meeting with Richard Beilfuss, Research Director of Gorongosa, and talked about potential synergies between institutions using GIS in the Beira Corridor. In the picture, Sr. Tome and I and the gate of the Park.

Happy holidays!

Figure 5: Fernando Sedano (left) and Sr. Tome at the gate of Gorongosa Park
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