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Worldwide Fund for Nature – WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations, with almost 6 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. GISCorps volunteers have worked on successful WWF projects in South Africa and Zambia.

In 1990, the landscape known as the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas (DSPA) is in the south-western region of the Central African Republic (CAR), and the northern edge of the Congo Basin forest was created. The DSPA is part of the Tri-National Sangha landscape, which is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. WWF-Central African Republic has been active in DSPA for years and focuses their efforts are on the DSPA and Ndoki National Park in the southwest of the country, where exceptional concentrations of wildlife still thrive. They support conservation on many fronts:

  • Anti-poaching and ecological monitoring
  • Reduction of illegal wildlife trade
  • Sustainable development and effective protection of DSPA
  • The most successful western lowland gorilla habituation program of Central Africa

WWF-CAR requested a GIS trainer that would travel to DSPA for two months and conduct GIS training using QGIS for five of their staff. Because the WWF-CAR staff speak French all training will be conducted in French.  Volunteer William Ouellette from Belgium, who has a background in remote sensing and QGIS and is fluent in French was chosen. William departs for DSPA in June.

Recruitment complete, project in progress

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