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Warehouses4Good is a non-profit organization that was created to improve the logistics of food distribution in rural counties.  Inadequate, unaffordable, or non-existent warehouse space in rural counties limits both inbound deliveries of donated food and outbound transport of locally-produced, revenue-generating products. Regional food banks serving these communities with food donations are often 100 miles or more away, increasing cost and decreasing frequency of rural food relief. More daunting, warehouse space in these communities is either non-existent or not fit for this purpose. To alleviate this problem, Warehouses4Good is using advanced tools for site selection, planning, construction and operation. Warehouses4Good aims to build or buy/renovate facilities which will host hunger relief and food hub non-profits in these underserved rural communities.

To accomplish this, Warehouses4Good requested a GISCorps volunteer to help with GIS analysis that would help determine the locations where warehouse space will have the most positive impact on the philanthropic supply chain. Lauren Weaver, a GISCorps volunteer from Kentucky, was selected to help Warehouses4Good with initial analysis and map creation that will be used in grant applications to government and philanthropic foundations.

Recruitment complete, project in progress

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