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DPRK project, 2012

Svetla Borovska
Svetla Borovska

I am very excited to be engaged in the DPRK project as my first assignment to help the GISCorps. While the one sentence goal of the DPRK project is easy to read and sounds simple, the actual work is challenging and engaging.  We are bringing into being a national map schema for an “uncharted” country from literally nothing but scanned topographic sheets. This important work is all being done by volunteers. As professionals in the field I am sure we all appreciate the scope and ambition of this project, and the great value and public benefit that will flow from our efforts for years to come. It is a privilege to be among the group with the training and skill needed to make this simple goal become a complex and valuable reality.

As a GIS professional for the County government  I can see how my work helps government entities and officials, and the people of the general public, better understand and appreciate our piece of the world and what is happening within it. It is very gratifying and exciting to have the opportunity to work on the DPRK project and create this same value on an even larger scale.  I am looking forward to working on more projects and taking on more challenges with the GISCorps.


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