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St. Louis County EOC, 2011

Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson

During the aftermath of the St. Louis tornados in April ’11, I was happy to offer any assistance I could.  After connecting with my local GIS user’s group and URISA, I learned that the St. Louis Emergency Operations Center needed GIS expertise to help manage the disaster response efforts.  Being able to employ GIS analysis in the efforts made it a rewarding experience.  Validating and updating the road conditions in real-time using GIS software helped to manage the emergency response.  In situations like this, it really makes more people aware of the value of GIS.

Everyone uses GIS these days.  Location and time have become more critical to everyone’s daily life.  I’ve been involved in GIS for 15 years and can see how it’s evolved into a mainstream concept.  I try to encourage companies to integrate it into their production workflow.  GIS gives them better insight and analysis to their products and services.  I’m passionate about GIS and passionate about helping people with GIS.

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