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GISCorps mission/Year served: DPRK project 2011/2012

Paul J. Giers
Paul J. Giers

The DPRK project may not be the sexiest, most glamorous of missions undertaken by GISCorps, but it’s been a terrific learning experience.  Besides being an excellent opportunity to hone data creation and QA/QC skills, the mission is unique in that it requires complex coordination and management of a large team of volunteers over an extended period of time.  Our team leads have deployed an impressive array of online tools and protocols that make the otherwise routine task of digitizing hundreds of 1:50k map sheets of North Korea an engaging and instructive undertaking.  For a relative novice at GIS, like me, the chance to work with more experienced professionals on a big project like this has been a wonderful exposure to GIS project management.

I’ve recently been granted an Americorps internship with the West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection, working on mine reclamation and enforcement, and I have to believe that having GISCorps experience on my resume had much to do with my being selected.


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