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DPRK project, since May 2012 and the Sandy MapMill Project in December 2012

Naiara Fernández
Naiara Fernández

I had been willing to be involved in a GISCorps mission since I knew about its existence. Last year, I was given the opportunity to work on two different projects: the veteran DPRK project and the Sandy MapMill project. The DPRK project is a well-established one and as such, there is a huge amount of documentation, information and tools that help us, digitizers, contributing in the most effective way. The digitizing protocol is a very detailed and valuable document that I always keep in hand while working on the project. The website and the forums are highly useful also! In the future, I would like to be involved in the quality assessment team so that I can get to know a different aspect of this project. Definitely, I am enjoying being part of this huge project that involves so many people and I hope it will be helpful for the WFP and iMMAP in their future humanitarian actions. The Sandy MapMill Project, was a short duration one, in which GISCorps volunteers were asked to assess damage caused by super storm Sandy using the same remote imagery server and images that were already assessed by other volunteers via a crowd sourced project. The idea was to help the project, giving them feedback on how to improve the platform. Lots of info has since then been provided to us about the crowd sourced project itself. This mission was really exciting for me, as it was my first experience in a crowd sourced project related to disaster assessment.

I love GIS and spatial related technologies, fields in which I have several years of experience. GISCorps, thanks to their amazing work, gives us, volunteers from different fields, the chance to contribute our time and expertise to the community. And so far, I can say that I am learning an awful lot on the way…Hopefully these assignments won’t be my last!


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