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COVID-19 Testing Sites Data Creation – 2020, NAPSG Crowdsourced Disaster Photos Projects – 2020

Nadine Trahan

Nadine’s experience on the mission: I think what really stood out to me working on my first project with GISCorps was the top notch project management approach and high level of dedication of the admin team. On one hand, the project was managed with high expectations from volunteers, which made it possible to produce a quality product. On the other hand, expectations were balanced with incredible patience in supporting volunteers and understanding that volunteers had other responsibilities that might need to come first. Meanwhile, the admin team was constantly positive, no matter how many hours they had to put in or how long the project lasted.

Why do you volunteer?: I am very passionate about my work because it is focused on what I care most about in life, socio-ecological health. While I have always worked in relevant jobs, my interests are wide and varied, so I’ve often volunteered my skills to contribute in ways I could not within a given employment capacity. In addition to supporting important work, volunteering has allowed me to learn more about various cultures, specific sustainability challenges and work with some amazing people. Below are various volunteer projects I have worked on, aside from GISCorps.

  • COVID Care Neighbor Network, Together We Can – Web App for connecting neighbors in need with those who can help
  • Tropical Ecology Research – conducted invertebrate sampling site delineation to
  • develop biotic index for streams in Cusuco National Park, Honduras
  • Capacity building for conservation
    • provided species distribution modeling workshops in Hispaniola, Costa Rica, Colombia
    • Drone training for rangers in Chiquibul National Park, Belize
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