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AllHands Volunteers – Geodatabase & Web Application Development / 2013

Max Silin
Max Silin

The goal of our mission is to design a web-based geodatabase and a web-mapping application for capture, management, and query of the spatial and non-spatial data pertaining to the All Hands Volunteers Recovery Coordination Services (RCS) operations. The major challenge in the beginning was to standardize the broad range of project requirements and determine the technology and skill set necessary for the successful project implementation. By now, we have a strong team of professionals, collaborating closely with the project stakeholders and working closely towards the next stage of the project. As we speak, the project team is in the process of optimizing the existing customer data to be loaded into the designed geodatabase and finalizing the functional requirements for the future web-application development.

GIS – is the key to a better, environmentally friendly future. Nowadays, as the modern technology enables GIS to perform to its full potential, businesses and government organizations of all levels realize the value that GIS brings to the table and embrace the geospatial technology. I am proud to be a part of the growing GIS community, and thankful to the GISCorps for giving me an opportunity to contribute my professional skills for a Better World.

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