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Wide Availability Response Project (WARP) – Caribbean with MapAction/2011

Kyung Kim
Kyung Kim

My mission was to search for various spatial data for Belize (a small country neighboring Mexico) and collate them based on the project instructions.  Everybody says easily that we need to be prepared always, but I found this is not really easy.  Locating the sources is not so easy as I expected, first of all.  The project work system and basic approach of the project are also quite something to learn, also.  But, I feel good that I do something good and widen my GIS capability at the same time.

Through my work I first encountered ArcExplorer many years ago, and got more interested to learn GIS in evening school.  Now I am doing work with ArcGIS and some programming also. I always find myself like reading maps and learning about the earth and computers.  Briefly I had lost my GIS job, and I thought volunteering in GIS would be a good way to keep in touch with GIS.  Now I have my job back but I want to keep volunteering also!

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