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COVID-19 Testing Sites Data Creation – 2020

Kelly’s experience on the mission: The COVID-19 Testing Location project was the first project that I’ve contributed to. I started out searching for sites in the area where I currently am and then began monitoring areas across the country where I’ve previously lived. Shortly after signing up, a member of my household developed symptoms, an experience which allowed me to appreciate firsthand the importance of this dataset. It’s been really uplifting to have the opportunity to work on a project with so many dedicated volunteers during such a challenging time.
Why do you volunteer?: I began graduate school six years ago, making a complete career change. Until that point, I had worked as a social worker, environmental educator, and youth development program coordinator. While I really enjoy the work that I do now as a remote sensing analyst, I miss feeling like I have a direct impact on a community. Since graduating, I began searching for community service opportunities that allow me to apply my newfound GIS skills.
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