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Multiple Missions from 2019–2020

GISCorps volunteer Keith Johnson

GISCorps missions and years served: NAPSG Crowdsourced Disaster Photo Mapping Projects (Hurricane Dorian, Puerto Rico Earthquakes, Tennessee Tornadoes, Michigan Floods, Tropical Storm Cristobal, Hurricane Hanna, Hurricane Isaias, Hurricanes Marco and Laura, Hurricane Sally, Hurricane Delta, Hurricane Zeta), 2019-2020; Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response Team (AIDR), 2019, HOTOSM (Typhoon Hagibis, Tanzania Development Trust Mission Moshi District, Typhoon Kammuri, Tanzania Development Trust Mission Kayanga / Kagera), 2019-2020; NAPSG Foundation Wildfire Initial Attack Project (#FireMappers), 2020.

Keith’s experience volunteering with GISCorps: Volunteering with GISCorps has been an amazing learning experience for me. I applied and was frank that I had beginner level GIS skills with no formal education or degree in GIS and wanted to help with Hurricane Dorian. I was recruited for the 2019 Crowdsource Hurricane Map.

Being a member of the team for the 2019 Crowdsource Hurricane Map and the 2020 Disasters Crowdsourced Photos Map where we geo-locate photos and information for a Situational Awareness Map has been a rewarding experience. I enjoy being able to help others in need remotely.

GISCorps introduced me to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Projects for Typhoon Kammuri/Tisoy and Hagibis, and Crowd2Map Tanzania Development Trust. Janet Chapman set up the crowdsourced mapping project Crowd2Map, which is helping in the fight to end FGM and developing maps of rural Tanzania.

For the NAPSG Foundation Wildfire Initial Attack Project with GISCorps and CEDR Digital Corps aka #FireMappers team, the team map fire starts and adds links to official information sources for evacuations and updates. I volunteer for other projects when available.

These missions and projects have all been team efforts led and staffed by amazing professionals and volunteers, of which I am one volunteer among many. I’m grateful to have participated in the Artificial Intelligence Research Team (AIDR) to validate structure damage imagery, and as a team member for other missions and projects around the world. Thank you for the opportunity to help others in need.

Keith’s additional thoughts about GISCorps: GISCorps has top notch program managers, admin, advisors, staff, and volunteers that make collaboration easy and enjoyable. GISCorps is a great opportunity for others to participate in GIS for Good.

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