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World Vision Sierra Leone mission to map Public Health Units and Schools, 2012

Jim Tobias
Jim Tobias

The goal of the mission involved the mapping of nearly 200 health facilities and schools within 4 districts of Sierra Leone (Bo, Bonthe, Kono, and Pujehun).The team of World Vision staff and myself utilized 4×4 vehicles, GPS equipment, mobile smart phones, cameras, survey forms, and interviews to collect facility level data. These data were used to build several web mapping services and web mapping applications within the World Vision ArcGIS Online for Organizations cloud framework. These data and applications are utilized by World Vision Sierra Leone to better allocate limited resources to populations in need and to focus relief efforts. Future work may expand upon this 3-week project (Sep – Oct, 2012).

The World Vision Sierra Leone project was described in this link on the GISCorps website. For additional information, please contact Christian Boombu-Johnson, World Vision Sierra Leone.

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