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Multiple Missions from 2017–2020

GISCorps volunteer Jessica Beres

GISCorps missions and years served: Mountain Rescue Association User Support, March 2019–Current; Covid-19 Testing Site Data Creation, March 2020–Current; NAPSG Crowdsourced Disaster Photos Projects (Hurricane Dorian, Puerto Rico Earthquake), 2019–2020; Esri Conference GISCorps Kiosk Staff, 2019; CDC Middle Eastern Mapathon, 2018; WHO Polio Mapathon, 2018; Puerto Rico CAP Imagery Road Damage Assessment, 2017

Jessica’s experience volunteering with GISCorps: I enjoy supporting GISCorps missions and am amazed by all of the collaborative efforts that go into the missions. With the Covid Testing project, we are helping people in real-time. The new testing site we add today could help someone get a test tomorrow. I love working with volunteers from across the country and world on projects and have learned a few GIS tricks that I use at my day job.

Why Jessica volunteers: I volunteer because I want to use my specialized GIS skills to help others. With the Mountain Rescue Association, I am able to use my expertise in Survey123 and user support to aid their mission data collection and management project.

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