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Worldwide Fund for Nature-Zambia(WWF-Z) Interactive Story Maps/2017

Erin Goh
Erin Goh

I am delighted to receive such a wonderful opportunity from GISCorps to be able to contribute my GIS skills in solving the problems of environment, mankind and natural resources. My first GISCorps mission was to help WWF Zambia to develop an interactive story map that highlighted the pertinent risks and opportunities within the Kafue Flats. The story map will be published on Nature-Zambia’s website to let both private and public sectors to become more engaged in sustainable water management in Zambia. It was a great experience working with the Zambia team. We work our best to communicate our findings and issues. It was difficult at the beginning where insufficient GIS data were given to create an interactive story map. However, the team put in their efforts to gather as much data as they can. Every progress of the story map was demonstrated through Skype. Due to the network issue in Zambia, the presentation was shared using PowerPoint through email and google drive. We managed to overcome all the obstacles to carry out the project together.

I have learnt a lot but not limited to know-how technically but also time management, project management, problem solving and teamwork. I will definitely look forward to work on more GISCorps projects.

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