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World Health Organization Ebola Response – winter/spring 2015

Charleen Gavette
Charleen Gavette

My mission became a mixture of coordination and collaboration on behalf of WHO with other relief agencies in Monrovia, collection and archiving of existing data, writing standardized procedures for standing requests of weekly map production, providing one-on-one mentoring for two new Liberian national WHO GIS employees, providing maps requested by WHO staff, and acting as an advocate for training for WHO and the Liberian national GIS agency.

GIS has the rare capacity of being a tool that is relevant across the globe and across the spectrum of disciplines.  I have been using GIS for many years within the natural resources realm and volunteering my skills to animal conservation groups.  This was my first venture into humanitarian activities.  The power of this experience will stay with me.  Many thanks to GISCorps for allowing me this opportunity.

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