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COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites (2019)

Carlos’ Experience: Volunteering for the GISCorps has been an awesome experience. Working with Holly Torpey on the COVID-19 project was amazing. I had the opportunity to help and make an impact in different communities throughout the USA and its territories. I located and validated data/information, and I mapped testing and vaccination sites available to the public. I just became a member of the Core Committee, and it has been another awesome experience working with such an awesome team. GISCorps is positively impacting public and non-profit organizations, and I am glad that GISCorps has given me the opportunity to serve.
Why Carlos Volunteers: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I never imagined that I was going to work for and retire from the awesome US Federal Government. I had the amazing opportunity to work for the Dept. Army-Civilian, USPS, and SSA, and gain invaluable and diverse experience. After retirement, I wanted to share my IT skills and Spanish fluency with non-profit organizations. Often, non-profit organizations do not have the resources to hire highly skilled IT professionals and I wanted to share my unique skills and give back to my community.
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